The Romance on the Playground collection tells an impossible story of love, between two different times and universes. Andie Walsh, the Pretty in Pink young girl, flirts with a Harlem basketball player. Hybridization of two cloakrooms diametrically opposed, the collection gathers two worlds that don’t rub shoulders.
This capsule is part of the desire to rejuvenate the image of Simone Rocha, and to target a younger audience. By focusing on the daywear offer, the collection adorned itself of a sportswear spirit, while maintaining the elegance and the standing of the brand.
Improving the sports uniform, giving it a naïve and romantic aspect. The color scheme focuses on these two universes. The pastel colors, borrowed from the girl's wardrobe, faces the red and black Chicago Bulls jersey. 
The sportswear codes of the basketball jerseys intermingles with oversized ruffles. The silhouettes are generous in volume and the materials are collides. Flower embroidered veil matches with sportwear elements.  The games of transparency provides lightness to silhouettes. The basketball jersey, reinvented in dress and bustier, associated with light tulles, becomes fragile, vaporous and aerial. The jogging is upgraded in a tulle version, which brings an unprecedented delicacy. The sportswear highlights are clearly visible: ribs, elastics, number of players.
We also designed two garments with SIMONE writting on the back. These eyecatching pieces, enables the client to identify with the brand and claim its appeal for Simone Rocha, creating this team and community feeling, dear to the world of sport.
extracts of sketchbook

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